Vsquared Telecom Pte Ltd

Website Development

Vsquared provides the perfect solution for SMEs that cannot justify keeping a full time website designing and developing team on staff. We realize that the costs to keep a professional website design and development team as part of your full-time staff can be financially straining for a smaller organization.

We offer custom tailored website design and development service for all your needs at a fraction of what it would otherwise cost you. Our web design and development experts have completed advanced courses in design and the fine arts and our studios have the latest software pacakges. You will be free to focus your efforts on making your business more competitive while saving yourself money.

Services Offered:

  • Web site designs
  • Web site Redesigns
  • Custom image design
  • Illustration
  • Photo digitalization and retouching
  • Gif Animations
  • Flash Animations
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Logo designs
  • Banner Advertisements
  • Creatives and Landing pages
  • Email template design
  • Web templates
  • Flash templates
  • Package design
  • Business stationery design
  • Marketing collateral design