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Sip Trunking

What are SIP trunks?

SIP trunks are telephone line trunks delivered over IP using the SIP protocol. Using this standard protocol, telecom service (VoIP) providers connect one or more channels to the customer’s PBX. Phone numbers and DIDs are linked to the SIP trunk. In many cases numbers can be ported to the SIP trunk.

Moving onto Sip trunk from your old telephone lines

The trusted old Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), with its Analog, ISDN BRI, E1 or t1 lines, is to disappear. Telephony is moving from PSTN to much more modern and flexible SIP trunks.

The big telecom providers are fast phasing out the old PSTN functionality, and are moving customers to IP. And so a SIP trunk and a phone system upgrade in the near future is going to be inevitable

Benefits of SIP trunking

  • Lower monthly subscription
  • Scale with your future business expansion without the need for additional hardware purchase
  • Flexibility to increase number of Channels for your IP-PBX and move it to new premises

We Deliver Quality Phone calls

With Our Latest-state-of-the-art Network infrastructure, Vsquared Telecom delivers superior quality calls for our business customers.