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NetPhone – Free Roaming

Our signature NetPhone mobile app allows you to call from anywhere in the world to everywhere in the world without incurring roaming call chagres from your operator.

Saving you up to 95% of your international roaming call charges.

You enjoy flat rates with no additional premium on the normal calling rates wherever you are calling from.

Simply download on Google Play or App store  and start using now.

How to start Using

For corporate customers: Kindly contact your dedicated Account Manager to activate the service for your company. Alternatively, you can sign up with us now.

For Consumers: You can Purchase our Prepaid NetPhone calling card available at the nearest retail outlet. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service.


Benefits of NetPhone app

  • Simple easy to use, call from anywhere to everywhere in the world
  • Low rates, Premium quality using latest state-of-the-art-technology
  • allows you to call to both fix line and mobile phone unlike other apps
  • Saving you up to 95% on all your IDD calls
  • call from Singapore to anywhere in the world, ideal for your daily needs
  • Use it between yourself, while travelling, and your domestic worker
  • shows your phone number on the receipent phone just like any normal call


How can NetPhone mobile app help you save your roaming call charges.

Case Study 1

Mr.Tan is in Hong Kong for a meeting. He needs to call back to his Singapore office. He will probably buy a Local HK prepaid Sim card to make IDD calls, bringing inconvenience.

Via other service provider : No Solution for such scenario

Via mobile operator      :  High roaming charge from $1.50 / min onwards.

Via NetPhone      :  Rate for Singapore is only 4 cents / min.  


save95Case Study 2

Mr.Tan is holidaying in Japan. He receive incoming call from Singapore.

Once he answered the call, he will be charged $1.50/min onwards.

Via NetPhone      :   reject the call and use our NetPhone app to call back.

Rate for Singapore is only 4 cents / min.