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NetPhone IDD – For Business

Bearing in mind the need of Quality IDD calls, frequent travelling, mobility and cost savings, NetPhone was built specially to address all the above concerns. In today’s competitive business world, effective communication is one of the top factor for a successful company. Up to 95% savings from your idd and international roaming calls.

  • Net Phone mobile App allows you to make call from anywhere to everywhere is the world as long as there is an Internet connection
  • Call from Singapore to overseas, overseas to Singapore
  • Same Flat rates even when calling from overseas
  • Crystal clear Premium quality International calls
  • No International Roaming bill shock from your mobile operator
  • Massive call savings from Superior Premium Quality voice at only a fraction of the premium rates
  • Simple and easy to use
  • No monthly subscriptions
  • Pay as you use

How to Use NetPhone Business IDD

Method 1- Calling from Desk Phone

  1. Call from registered phone number.
  2. Dial 6653 2231. You will be prompted to enter country code + phone number #
    E.g. calling to Malaysia mobile number 0123456789 ( country code 60 )
    Enter 60123456789 #
  3. From there, wait for call to be connected

Method 2 – Calling from NetPhone app

  1. Open the mobile app
  2. Upon Registered/ Ready to call, Enter country code and number to call.

Method 3 – Calling from your office IP-PBX phone system

  1. Enter Country code + Area code to call. E.g enter 60123456789
  2. Wait for call to be connected

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