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What is NetPhone IDD?

NetPhone IDD is a premium international direct dial service from Vsquared Telecom. You must pre-register the telephone number you intend to originate international calls from before you can use the service.

What are the benefits of using NetPhone IDD?

NetPhone IDD uses premium quality connections to international destinations. Together with redundancies at every level of the system, the service has both good call quality and high reliability. And due to economies of scale, you can enjoy the premium service for a fraction of standard IDD rate. NetPhone mobile App allows you to make international calls without paying for any roaming charges even if you are overseas. Frequent Travellers can call using NetPhone while overseas with No Roaming Call Charges.

Can I register my additional home numbers or business extension lines when I sign up for NetPhone IDD?

Yes, you can register your additional home numbers and extension phones via company PABX for the service

How do i make a call to overseas?

E.g. Calling to mobile number in Malaysia (country code 60) 01916 4451
1) Calling via registered VoIP desk phone: Enter country code + phone number.
Enter 601 916 4451 and call. From there, just wait for your call to be connected.

2) Calling via NetPhone mobile app: Open Netphone mobile App on your smartphone.
Enter 601 916 4451 and call. From there, just wait for your call to be connected.

3) Calling via access number from desk Phone: you would need to dial 66532231.
You will be prompted to enter < Country code+ Phone number # > Enter 601 916 4451#.
From there, just wait for your call to be connected.

What destinations can I reach with NetPhone Business IDD Service?

You can connect to more than 200 destinations around the world.

Can I use NetPhone IDD to make a call from my mobile phone overseas?

Yes. With Our NetPhone mobile app, you can make calls from anywhere to everywhere in the world as long as there is a data connection. It’s Simple, Easy and Convenient.

How do I register for NetPhone IDD?

You can email us at sales@vsquared.com.sg or contact our customer service at 6639 3302 to request for an application form to be email to you.

How to start using NetPhone IDD mobile APP?
  1. Download NetPhone
  2. Enter Your Local Singapore 8 digit mobile number and PIN. PIN will be assign to you upon successful registration. Press Register and you are ready to make a call.
  3. Upon successful registration on the NetPhone App, A Green button showing Registered will be displayed.
  4.  To make a call: Enter country code follow by mobile number and press call button.
    Example: calling to mobile number 9668 4457 in Singapore (country code 65) Enter 6596694457 and call. From there, wait for the call to be connected
Wrong PIN / Mobile Number Pop up?

Please check and ensure the correct pin and mobile number is entered with no spacing.

Please check your internet connection?

NetPhone is unable to get registered as there is No/ limited internet Connection. Move to a place with Data/ Wifi connection. Please close and reopen the app. Alternatively, go to More> Settings and press Register again.

More > Call Settings > Operational Options

Always Ask Yes or NO?
If Yes is checked, user will be allow to choose the mode of call via Local Balance or Data / Wi-Fi

Local Balance – Call will be made via the access number just like calling from desk phone. In this case, you do not have to enter the access number. Call will be placed automatically

Data / Wi-Fi – Call will be make through via Data or Wi-Fi connection. It’s good especially if you have a strong Data / Wi-Fi connection.
If No is checked, call will be make via the default selection you have chosen

More > Top-up (option on android phones only)

This option is only applicable for our prepaid users. NetPhone Business users may ignore it.

Call from Phonebook Contacts

You can call directly from your saved contacts with or without +country code. E.g. +65 91234567 . NetPhone will be able to recognise it’s a Singapore number and call will be made. E.g. 65 91234567 . Call will still be made out to the same Singapore phone number
There is no need to remove + sign. Call will be made with or without + sign. NetPhone App will only recognise the number you wish to call by the Country code in front.

Call Not Made

Ensure that the destination number you are calling to has the right format with country code in front of the phone number

How do I make a VoIP call?

First, ensure you have a valid internet connection over WIFI or 3G / 4G. A strong Data internet connection will give you a high quality voice call.

Why does the application close after I make a call via Local Balance

When making calls using NetPhone that are NOT WIFI / Data calls, the application will default back to the Phone’s native dialer. Call will then be processed through NetPhone direct call method.

Why is there voice breaking issues when I call using Wi-fi / 3G

Voice breaking issue occurs when the Wi-Fi data network connection is weak / slow. Move to another area where the network is better to make a call.

What is the difference between making calls over Wi-Fi /Data and Local Balance

Call make over Wi-Fi / Data network is dependent on the wi-fi / mobile network at the place of call.

Call make over local balance access number is not dependent on Data network connectivity at the place of call.